Complex Medical Conditions

Comprehensive, Customized Treatment Plans

Laurie Care Center is prepared to take care of people who have complex medical conditions and require prolonged treatment plans and extended recovery times. Typically, these residents have medical conditions that require the expertise of an interdisciplinary team of healthcare professionals.

This team includes the resident’s attending physician, medical specialists, therapists, registered and licensed nurses, social workers, registered dietitians, activity directors and nursing assistants.

Physical Performance Systems

Therapy Group

Physical Performance Systems provides many services under the disciplines of Physical, Occupational, and Speech Therapies. Here at the Laurie Care Center each discipline offers an array of different equipment, modalities, and exercises in order to promote the health and rehabilitation of our patients. A patient might experience such things as ultra sound which is used for deep heating, tissue relaxation, local blood flow and reducing swelling. Anodyne helps patients with poor circulation and managing pain. Electrical Stimulation (E-Stim) uses electrical currents to gently contract muscles to help decrease muscle spasms and promote blood supply to help in healing and pain management. Patients can also receive ice packs, heat packs, manual massage, and paraffin wax treatments as needed to increase their health and wellness and assist in meeting their goals. The therapists work together with the family, the nursing staff, and the patients themselves in order to achieve the best possible outcome and often successfully return patients back to their homes.

Wound Care

A Program Of Healing

Wounds can occur for a variety of reasons, from post-surgery complications to normal skin aging. Laurie Care Center provides quality wound care designed to achieve positive outcomes and to help each resident reach his or her highest level of functioning. Program goals focus on wound healing and prevention of skin care complications. Our interdisciplinary wound care teams include physical therapists, registered dietitians and registered and licensed nurses with specialized training in treating wounds.

Respite Care

Take Time To Take Care of Yourself

Respite care provides short-term, temporary nursing care in an home-like setting to family members you typically care for.

You receive the peace of mind that comes from knowing your family members are being cared for 24 hours a day by a dedicated staff of medical professionals. And research has shown that providing respite care can have a positive effect on the health of the caregiver.

Pallative Care

Keeping Our Residents Comfortable

Palliative care is any form of medical care or treatment that is designed to prevent and relieve pain and suffering, and to improve quality of life for people facing serious, complex illnesses. This can include psychological and spiritual care and developing a support system to help the individual live as actively as possible. Our team of caregivers, which often includes a social worker or a counselor, can play a role in helping the patient and family cope with the symptoms of disease and illness in ways other than medical/pharmacological intervention.

Today, palliative care is provided not only for cancer patients, but also those who are experiencing chronic, progressive pulmonary disorders, renal disease, chronic heart failure, and progressive neurological conditions. Much of the work involves helping patients with complex or severe physical, psychological, social and spiritual problems.

Hospice Care

“Hospice” comes from the Latin word for hospitality, referring to the warmth and courtesy extended to special guests, such as travelers who had fallen sick or otherwise needed a place to stay. Guided by a philosophy of compassion and dignity, the hospice approach centers on a dedicated team of healthcare professionals and volunteers who provide ongoing support for both resident and family in familiar surroundings.

Long-Term Care

Meeting The Individual Needs Of Our Residents

Long-Term care me become necessary when an individual requires assistance with physical and emotional needs or when a person’s medical condition requires more attention than can be given at home or in an assisted living facility. Illness, disability, and injury requiring medical intervention, or failing ability to care for oneself, may necessitate the person’s need for care over an extended period of time. The individual’s stay may be temporary, lasting just a few weeks or months, or the nursing center may become the person’s home. Whatever the length of stay, Laurie Care Center’s nursing and rehabilitation staff provide the interdisciplinary skills necessary to meet each resident’s care needs while providing medical oversight.

Sub Acute Care – Homeward Bound Program

A Bridge Between Hospital and Home

Sub acute units offer care that is different from traditional nursing center care. Accommodations are set apart from those of our long-term residents – patients are among others who require short-term, intensive rehab therapy after a hospital stay. The typical nursing and rehabilitation center stay ranges from 21-35 days, and patients receive up to three hours of intensive rehabilitation each day, provided by a specially trained interdisciplinary team.

Our rehabilitation therapists are committed to helping each resident reach his or her highest level of functioning, whether they need short – or long-term rehabilitation. Our nursing and rehabilitation team features therapists from Physical Performance Systems.